Come Catch De Vibes

Pon De FLO

Come catch de vibes in this electrifying, fun, intense

and stimulating dance based HIIT program.

Become stronger • feel uplifted • break limitations • Live fearlessly • get Pon De FLO


Structured around 3 high intensity intervals backed with heart pumping music consisting of soca, dancehall, dub & electronic genres, expect to burn between 800 - 1,000 calories in each 50 minute Pon De FLO© class. Think easy to follow & FUN dance choreography mixed with calisthenics, good vibes and an after burn that feels Oh So Good!

Come Catch De Vibes® to raise your frequency, break mental limitations, become stronger and smile harder. Life is abundant when you stay Pon De FLO.



Each song is categorized into phases based on intensity and heart rate zones. Warm up with easy-to-follow dance moves and progress into phase 2, 3 & 4 with intense strengthening calisthenics. Each interval ends with a phase 4 song, which will challenge you to max your heart rate. Within a 50 minute class, you will perform 3 invigerating intervals and cool down with isolated stretches to calm reggae rhythms.



Each Pon De FLO class is carefully designed around uplifting, high vibrational songs coupled with feel good choreography. Our bodies operate on an average frequency of 62-68 MHz. A negative thought or emotion can lower our frequency as much as 10 - 12 MHz. When our bodies drop below 62 MHz, we are more prone to depression, injuries, sickness and sever illness. Participating in a Pon De FLO class will help raise your frequency and inspire a harmonic balance between mind, body & spirit.

It’s all about the good vibes!



To empower, inspire and uplift one person at a time through fitness and community. Self love and awakened consciousness is the basis for any type of positive change within ourselves and within the world. We strive to be a positive change in the world by encouraging people to break mental limitations, push physical boundaries, raise vibrational frequency and spread kindness. The life we live is simply too short to not embody unconditional love, unity and broaden our perspectives.

We are all One. One Universe. One Energy Stream. One Human Race. One Love.



Your vibe attracts your tribe and this Pon De FLO tribe is all about having fun, working hard, laughing harder, giving back and always uplifting each other.

No Judgements • All Love • Unconditional • Supportive • Good Vibes



“They say, ‘the best project you’ll ever work on is you’ and Pon De FLO helps me be the best version of me! It makes my head, heart and my body string. No other workout has ever moved me the way Pon De FLO does, spiritual and physically. It lifts me up when I need it, it motivates me and it kicks my ass. What can I say… I’m addicted!”

- Dana S.

“A judgement free, extremely challenging, extremely FUN dance-based HIIT program that has changed my view towards group fitness forever. This is the only fitness class that I leave feel completely rejuvenated, powerful, accomplished, and HAPPY. Heather pushes you way beyond what's comfortable because she knows what you are capable of. The combination of hardcore high-intensity intervals, uplifting dancehall/soca/Caribbean music, and supportive atmosphere is intoxicating. Pon de Flo foreva!!”

- Caroline D.

“The uplifting music. The people you take it with. It gives such a great feeling of love and community. Seeing different people from different walks of life, no judgements, no competition, everyone just wants to FLO.”

- Miguel D.

“Pon De FLO breaks you down to build you right back up. It is my constant reminder to live fearlessly every single day. The best feeling is knowing you are at the strongest you’ve ever been, mentally, physically and most importantly, emotionally yet there is still so much more to gain from this program.”

- Meira S.

“I’v been doing Pon De FLO for seven years now, and it has become such an important and fun part of my life. Pon De FLO has increased my strength, stamina, and has pushed me to cross my physical limitations I wouldn’t have otherwise been capable of on my own.”

- Jackie R.