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About Heather


Meet Heather Fay, the creator and founder of Pon De FLO. Being in love with dance and fitness her whole life, Heather moved to NYC from western Massachusetts in 2004 to embark upon a career in dance. After much intensive dance training and performing, Heather realized there was a different calling for her. Not long after, she found herself obsessed with studying kinesiology and the psychology behind working out. Eager to gain as much education as she could, Heather became certified in several different fitness certification courses, various workout methods and began personal training in 2006. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that she found her true calling. After being promoted from a Personal Trainer to a Group Exercise Coordinator at a popular gym chain, Heather awakened to her purpose; To empower people through fitness to unconditionally love themselves so we can all be a positive change we wish to see in the world.

In 2009, the inspiration came to Heather to create an experience where people could feel completely free within themselves, letting go of ego, having no judgements, no limitations and become the fittest they have ever been in their life. In choosing the name Pon De FLO (Translates to ‘On The FLO’), Heather wanted it to reflect the music genres and energy the program embodies as well as the inspired lifestyle. Heather believes in the power of thought, emotions, universal energy and how if we chose the path of least resistance we can all manifest health and abundance. The name was carefully thought out and with pride launched into the world in 2010. After the program began gaining a large amount of demand, Heather decided to leave her Regional Group Exercise corporate position at a major gym chain and dive fearlessly into the entrepreneur world to live her mission.

Pon De FLO became an official LLC in 2012 and was expanded into Crunch Fitness. Soon after, Heather created the Pon De FLO Instructor Network and expanded the program across America. Certifying over 250 instructors by 2015, Pon De FLO was offered at several gyms and studios from east to west coast. In 2016, Heather was presented with the opportunity to take Pon De FLO to new heights in 2016. Accepting the opportunity, Heather opened the first Pon De FLO Studio in NYC in October of 2016. Although in 2018 the studio needed to close its doors due to a major rent increase, the program, brand, its mission and uplifting community has grown to be at its strongest. Heather could not be more excited to share the future of Pon De FLO with YOU! The sky is the limit!… wait… not even then… #nolimits


Live to Dance


Dance to be Free